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…And Another One Gone…

My recently appointed medical oncologist announced he will be moving out of Oregon. I’m sure Dr L-C will be happier living in a less wet and grey part of the world.  But…what about me?  This will be my 4th medical … Continue reading

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Ahhh…Much better

Thank you Last Week for finally coming to an end! The final day did end on an upward note. My difficulties with OHSU and my written testimony got completely straightened out. Apparently it was a big-fat-misunderstanding a new employee had … Continue reading

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Program, Interrupted

We interrupt this program for a Kim News Update…   It’s looking like the caner is on The Grow.  For real this time.  MRI and CT are showing slight growth.  I’m still taking the Crizotinib but a shift in treatment … Continue reading

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Hold Steady Little Lung

The lung is holding steady; unlike my emotions. I was overly nervous about yesterday’s check up on the lung for many reasons.  I’m not feeling symptomatic but the slow progression for 6 months makes a girl antsy.  Will now be … Continue reading

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Good Problems

The trip to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance went well.  So well, that I’m feeling a tad overwhelmed by all the options presented to me.  Yes, the plural form of OPTION; consisting of, containing, or pertaining to more than one.  What a good problem to have. I have a call … Continue reading

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