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Best Worst News of My Day

“What, no honey mustard? Well that’s the worst thing I’ve heard all day!” I said while laughing to the extremely hip woman taking my order. Nodding her head in agreement she responded with something along the lines of – it is a … Continue reading

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I want more…

“Thanks for keeping me alive, but I want more.” I feel like one of the worst people in the world by owning these feelings. I can’t suppress them. Not speaking them feels worse. For me the clinical trial (for alectinib) … Continue reading

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Where to Start?

Life has been going by.  It feels fast pace but no.  My brain and body are operating on low. I can easily shrug my shoulders and think hey…I’m still operating which is a very good thing. My time away from evil … Continue reading

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Moving Forward

  It’s here. That New Year. Time to shape up. Get that ball rolling in a new/better direction. Take what you’ve learned over your last year to make this one, this shiny new one even better! Peeling my right eyelid open on … Continue reading

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I got the Waiting Room Blues

Wow.  Is this really happening? What time are my scans scheduled again?  

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Ten Down

When I set out to watch 10 American Classics I expected to be wow’d. I sure was right. Wow’d I was! I finished the last film, Some Like it Hot, two days ago. Saving this for last was not intentional … Continue reading

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Glamping, Hands Down

Terrebonne, OR bound to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary. Located roughly in the middle of Oregon, it is no booming metropolis.  What they do have is Panacea At The Canyon.  Hello Glamping! I’m going to make 2 suggestions. Book a … Continue reading

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Chaotic Mess

Several hours ago I composed an elaborate blog post. It was stunning. Awards were coming my way no doubt! No, I did not accidentally delete it, however, you still don’t get to read it. Not much more than and hour … Continue reading

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Sinking Rocks

“Kim, things are looking good, in both CNS (brain) and body.” Relief. With a deep exhale I crumple towards my swollen belly. Hunched over, I pause and take a few breaths. In (one chimpanzee)…out (two chimpanzee); in (one chimpanzee)…out(two chimpanzee). … Continue reading

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Musings of an Insomniac

Awake at 5 am this morning and out of who knows where, I’m the spider! hit me like a bolt of lightening. Remember that itsy-bitsy-spider that crawled up the water spout? Then rain. Sun.  Another crawling attempt. That is me in my … Continue reading

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