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That Annoying Stamp

one oncologist doctor of mine places a stamp on my schedule that says “Tentative Schedule Only”.  Frustrating? You bet cha! I’m not sure how many times my schedule has changed in the last few days. So far, it feels countless. … Continue reading

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Does this Blog-thing still work?  I hope so because my mixed up brain parts are ramping up to write again. Dear Cancer Friends please help me by reading and posting comments. Kimmywink

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More Tired Than Tired

These days I really like being home. Five days away from home, I missed my bed. I like the fragrance left behind by my scented candles and soft sounds my cat makes at each inhale and exhale as he sleeps. … Continue reading

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Moving Forward

  It’s here. That New Year. Time to shape up. Get that ball rolling in a new/better direction. Take what you’ve learned over your last year to make this one, this shiny new one even better! Peeling my right eyelid open on … Continue reading

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Sinking Rocks

“Kim, things are looking good, in both CNS (brain) and body.” Relief. With a deep exhale I crumple towards my swollen belly. Hunched over, I pause and take a few breaths. In (one chimpanzee)…out (two chimpanzee); in (one chimpanzee)…out(two chimpanzee). … Continue reading

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Musings of an Insomniac

Awake at 5 am this morning and out of who knows where, I’m the spider! hit me like a bolt of lightening. Remember that itsy-bitsy-spider that crawled up the water spout? Then rain. Sun.  Another crawling attempt. That is me in my … Continue reading

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Hello Stairs!

I did it. A few times even. I’m going up and down stairs to my basement. Sounds pretty insignificant but hold your horses! It’s a big darn deal to me. Here is why… Clothes get clean in the basement. Relying … Continue reading

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Craniotomy + 20

“How are you doing?” “I’d love to be able to answer that question. Can you give me some options? Maybe I’ll simply pick C, it seems safe. Easy. I’m also very okay with changing my mind 10 minutes from now … Continue reading

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What Day is it?

San Francisco to PDX    Friday the 6th went pear shaped.  Happy hour fun with Genentech friends was interrupted by two plan changing phone calls from my Care Team.  I was summoned home. Today, Monday, I sit waiting to get my … Continue reading

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Days Like Today

Days like today, I often try to “do”.  Why?  Do I like to torture myself? Waking up feeling a few steps shy of miserable, I immediately cleared my calendar. That one engagement, my weekly writing circle that brings me immense … Continue reading

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