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June? Oh Sugar!

“Hello?  Are you there?” It’s been a while. Feels a little awkward. Like calling back that friend you have neglected the last several days that have turned into weeks. What will I say?  What is the reason for my behavior? … Continue reading

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I got the Waiting Room Blues

Wow.  Is this really happening? What time are my scans scheduled again?  

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Glamping, Hands Down

Terrebonne, OR bound to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary. Located roughly in the middle of Oregon, it is no booming metropolis.  What they do have is Panacea At The Canyon.  Hello Glamping! I’m going to make 2 suggestions. Book a … Continue reading

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Sinking Rocks

“Kim, things are looking good, in both CNS (brain) and body.” Relief. With a deep exhale I crumple towards my swollen belly. Hunched over, I pause and take a few breaths. In (one chimpanzee)…out (two chimpanzee); in (one chimpanzee)…out(two chimpanzee). … Continue reading

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Craniotomy + 20

“How are you doing?” “I’d love to be able to answer that question. Can you give me some options? Maybe I’ll simply pick C, it seems safe. Easy. I’m also very okay with changing my mind 10 minutes from now … Continue reading

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Days Like Today

Days like today, I often try to “do”.  Why?  Do I like to torture myself? Waking up feeling a few steps shy of miserable, I immediately cleared my calendar. That one engagement, my weekly writing circle that brings me immense … Continue reading

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Waiting to Start

“Ya know what? I’m really looking forward to a new start. A fresh beginning.  I just need something, one thing is all.  It must go right!”. “I’m an hour late? My appointment was at 8?  Oh crap.” “Don’t worry about … Continue reading

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Big Smile

Yesterday a cluster of friends  working at Genentech left me a voicemail exclaiming”Alectinib is FDA approved!!!  ” Water pooled in my eyes. Tears of happiness. Wow. Wonderful. So Significant! Fantastico! ALK+ lung cancer patients have another option! As for me, I … Continue reading

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Profiles in Lung Cancer – Day 6

Welcome to the November 6th Edition of Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2015.  Trying to understand what is going on in November – read November 1st blog post. I am happy to connect you all with fellow lung cancer survivor Jessica … Continue reading

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The Going is Getting Good

Trend: Upward and excellent. Cause: Two successful speaking events and one brain MRI that shows SRS did its job. Current Status: Designing next glass project; investigating what went wrong with my flat as a pancake, chocolate-banana bread.     Huh.

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