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  1. julie durkheimer says:

    I am in central Oregon as I said I would be, and no internet unless I come down to the little local store. I will return to Portland tomorrow for a few days before a return up here. I think of you so much and can’t thank you enough for sharing yourself at our mutually enjoyed mindful relaxation class. I do look forward to further connection and know that I am always available to you. My love to you, Julie

  2. Mary Ellen Ritchie, R.N. says:

    Kim, I can almost smell the roses! As I’ve said before, “God bless the child that’s got her own.” You are remarkable. Do you realize that the entire world fails to share your insight on what life is really all about? CARRY ON with the good fight. I find you remarkable. Of course we care and love you and you are not alone but in the battle of life it is your moment and you are truly an example of grace under fire. Love, Mary Ellen

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