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I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.

Craniotomy + 20

“How are you doing?” “I’d love to be able to answer that question. Can you give me some options? Maybe I’ll simply pick C, it seems safe. Easy. I’m also very okay with changing my mind 10 minutes from now … Continue reading

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What Day is it?

San Francisco to PDX    Friday the 6th went pear shaped.  Happy hour fun with Genentech friends was interrupted by two plan changing phone calls from my Care Team.  I was summoned home. Today, Monday, I sit waiting to get my … Continue reading

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Day 2 at Crater Lake

Gaining elevation as we travel towards Crater Lake the air was drastically cooler.  “We will see some snow,” SW says with confidence.  You call this some?  

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Adios Portland

Drive across The Great Forty Eight starts now!      

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Days Like Today

Days like today, I often try to “do”.  Why?  Do I like to torture myself? Waking up feeling a few steps shy of miserable, I immediately cleared my calendar. That one engagement, my weekly writing circle that brings me immense … Continue reading

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Months and months ago SW proposed. “Kim, when I get my next sabbatical what do you say we drive across the country and back?” Like most girls, when a person pops the question, I got all flustered! Clusters of butterflies … Continue reading

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“This one is Just Right”

Armed with a to-go cup of coffee with a heaping of milk I hollered, “I don’t know how long I’ll be; wish me luck; I love you!” Into the luxurious 2015 loaner car I plopped. Heated seats. Heated steering wheel. Automatic … Continue reading

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National Radon Action Month

January is National Radon Action Month.  Good thing I found that out from a good friend or I would have gone through the whole month unaware.  Yes, I know, I am terrible at staying informed or connected via social networks. … Continue reading

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Oh Shots, Welcome Back

Willing to accept that I was living in an alternate universe filled with doom and gloom wackiness, my doctors weren’t.  They did not believe my theory, “I’m just going through an unlucky spell”. Tuesday I had an ultrasound performed and … Continue reading

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Waiting to Start

“Ya know what? I’m really looking forward to a new start. A fresh beginning.  I just need something, one thing is all.  It must go right!”. “I’m an hour late? My appointment was at 8?  Oh crap.” “Don’t worry about … Continue reading

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