Make today a day for the fancy toothpicks.

I logged in lots of MRI scan time Monday and Tuesday this week. Monday’s scan involved Iron Infusion contrast, an oxygen monitor and, don’t forget, a heart rate monitor. I was all dressed up with only one place to go! I totaled about 160 minutes in a not so friendly MRI chamber. Exhausting. I got through it all and I wonder is this really worth it?

I got a MyChart message from my neck up oncologist, Doctor A. For the most part we have found a way to work together as long as I am kept current on brain spots. Are they growing, shrinking, or holding steady?

The message: my one white spot, near-ish my left ear, is same size as my MRI scan 4 weeks ago. So, all-in-all a wash; that sounds good to me!

For now, SW and I keep going forward to figure out what this spot is. And YES, it is a perfect day to use those fancy toothpicks tucked away at home in a cupboard!

Me and my BIG MRI machine for my itty-bitty brain.

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I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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7 Responses to Toothpicks

  1. First off I want to comment on how cool your sandals are. From the picture I cant tell if they’re identical or just look similiar to my beat up long gone for regualr eveeyday wesring Israeli Na’ot.
    Second, I am so comforted to hear somebody talk about hours in the MRI machine and the words-dont move or we’ll have to retake the scans. Ive had to redo for coughing or sneezing which i only have so much energy for, but the latest snafu is what only those under age 10 LOVE to talk about-farts. I mean it could only be held in for so long😉
    Third, it is reassuring to hear about someone else asking- is it worth it? When I’ve tried bringing this very thought up, I am patronized for being negative, pessimistic, and wanting to give up too soon. We do differ in years, as its been about 2.5 years since diagnosis, but a whole lot of treatments.
    Thank you for your most recent post. And I hope you are enjoyong some sunshine and wsrmer temps outside or couch time bundled up in blankets if its rainy and windy, like it is here!

  2. Paula Berwick says:

    No growth is great!

  3. Tammy Cleys says:

    The positive….great writing, nice photo perspective, and good initial news.
    The other…. please keep us updated!

  4. Melanie Poser says:

    Have those MRI machines, probably have had at least 40. Paid for the new wing on that awful hospital for sure! But mine are good, thank you Jesus. Always in my prayers little Kimmy, you know it. 😘

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