Make today a day for the fancy toothpicks.

I logged in lots of MRI scan time Monday and Tuesday this week. Monday’s scan involved Iron Infusion contrast, an oxygen monitor and, don’t forget, a heart rate monitor. I was all dressed up with only one place to go! I totaled about 160 minutes in a not so friendly MRI chamber. Exhausting. I got through it all and I wonder is this really worth it?

I got a MyChart message from my neck up oncologist, Doctor A. For the most part we have found a way to work together as long as I am kept current on brain spots. Are they growing, shrinking, or holding steady?

The message: my one white spot, near-ish my left ear, is same size as my MRI scan 4 weeks ago. So, all-in-all a wash; that sounds good to me!

For now, SW and I keep going forward to figure out what this spot is. And YES, it is a perfect day to use those fancy toothpicks tucked away at home in a cupboard!

Me and my BIG MRI machine for my itty-bitty brain.

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I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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6 Responses to Toothpicks

  1. First off I want to comment on how cool your sandals are. From the picture I cant tell if they’re identical or just look similiar to my beat up long gone for regualr eveeyday wesring Israeli Na’ot.
    Second, I am so comforted to hear somebody talk about hours in the MRI machine and the words-dont move or we’ll have to retake the scans. Ive had to redo for coughing or sneezing which i only have so much energy for, but the latest snafu is what only those under age 10 LOVE to talk about-farts. I mean it could only be held in for so long😉
    Third, it is reassuring to hear about someone else asking- is it worth it? When I’ve tried bringing this very thought up, I am patronized for being negative, pessimistic, and wanting to give up too soon. We do differ in years, as its been about 2.5 years since diagnosis, but a whole lot of treatments.
    Thank you for your most recent post. And I hope you are enjoyong some sunshine and wsrmer temps outside or couch time bundled up in blankets if its rainy and windy, like it is here!

  2. Paula Berwick says:

    No growth is great!

  3. Tammy Cleys says:

    The positive….great writing, nice photo perspective, and good initial news.
    The other…. please keep us updated!

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