What is next?

I managed to finish up my brain zaps on Halloween. Whew! Thank goodness it is over. I was oddly able to sound the jumbo bell that announces I’m done (for now) with a nurse escort. Thank you to everyone who played a part!

Two parts done and only infusions & images left to cross off my list..for now. Plus you know that other “stuff that is on my temporary schedule”.  Eye exams, learning how to swallow again (yes, that again. Resorting my pants drawer and where to hang my hats?  Darn those delightful kick-butt hats!  Love them and hate them. Now where to put them?

My awesome sweetheart is testing my patience, again.  Is it from all the brain activity I’ve had over the last few weeks making me feel very  vulnerable?  My mega doses of sleep I have been getting/not getting? Who really knows which one or which grouping? I know I’m beat up for endless reasons.  Frustrating galore! Very frustrating actually.

Today, I am casually parked at my small kitchen table.  Ready to encounter most casual easy-peasy things that come my way.  Simple is key.

I’am slowly recovering from my 2nd Keytruda infusion last week.  “Ugh” to put it lightly. i’m moving around…a little.  I am smiling, hoping that this gunk is going to work.  Time will tell.

About kimmywink

I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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19 Responses to What is next?

  1. nmgleason says:

    God bless you. What a horror you are enduring. Thank goodness people in cancer land can truly empathize with you. Thank you for sharing. ❤️🙏

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  2. Marcia Wieneke says:

    Kimmy, what you are going through sucks, you and SW have been through so much, hang in there Kim, we know better days are coming for you, We continue to ask God to make better days for Kim to come soon, We continue to send our love to you also. Love Aunt Marcia

  3. Mark Hawkins says:

    Kim:. Infusions, hats and simple thoughts. By now, I hope you are feeling somewhat better as your body adjusts to your new treatment.
    You’re persevering, pulling out all the stops and Halloween has come and gone. Every chance you get, ring the bell, LOUDLY! You’re still fighting, your Doctor’s have more options and we’re all sending positive thoughts of love your way!
    You’re not alone in this, although I’m sure it feels that way at times. One day at a time and keep sharing. Love,. Mark H.

  4. paula berwick says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Kim!!! I hope you are getting through your treatments feeling OK. I just want you to know your strength and perseverance is an inspiration for all of us who have issues and difficulties of many kinds as well as those of us suffering from cancers. Your love and value of life gives us all hope. Your blog is a gift for all of us. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

    Love you!


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  5. Shannon says:

    Hope your Thanksgiving and rest of your month went well and you are feeling if not a lot, a little better. Wishing you and your family the merriest of Christmases. You are one tough cookie.

    • kimmywink says:

      Hello Shannon, Your comment reminds me of a cookie-cookbook I bought a while back which is excellent! I’d go out and get one if you don’t already have it in your cupboard. The Perfect Cookie by America’s Test Kitchen It is great for foolproof cookies, brownies & bars. I spent lots of time in a Target isle looking at pictures of tasty sugary treats.
      xoxo Kimmywink

      • Shannon says:

        Thanks for the recommendation! I definitely need help in the cookie cooking department! Now soup I am good at – but baking not so much 🙂 Hope your Christmas was lovely 🙂

  6. Jessica Vickers says:

    Happy New Year! Hope all is going well with you!

    A long-time lurker 🙂

  7. G says:

    Hi! Thinking of you

  8. Donna D Hunting says:

    Hello Kim,
    I have been reading your blog and am truly inspired by you! I live in Vancouver WA and was diagnosed with NSCLC in Feb. 2018. Thank you for giving us all hope and being brutally honest. This can be quite taxing on all of us. I hope this note finds you well!
    Donna Hunting

  9. wedonthunt says:

    Hi Kim,
    I have been reading your blog which is truly inspiring. I wanted to thank you for being honest and letting everyone know LUNG CANCER SUCKS! I live in Vancouver WA (not BC lol) and am trying to find local people who are struggling with this invasion with me. I was diagnosed in Feb. 2018 with NSCLC Stage IV. Trying to spread the word that if you have lungs you can get lung cancer. Smokers and non smokers.. cancer does not discriminate!

    You are truly inspiring! I hope this note finds you well!

    Donna Hunting

  10. Melanie says:

    Me too, post something sweetheart

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