Where to Start?

Life has been going by.  It feels fast pace but no.  My brain and body are operating on low. I can easily shrug my shoulders and think hey…I’m still operating which is a very good thing.

My time away from evil friend Dex was short lived. Needing to get 2 brain tumors on my left side zapped weeks ago put me back on steroids. Lovely! I’m sleeping a little. Joint pain most inconveniently seems to be settled in my feet.

Oh feet! They have been such a challenge. Severe edema blossomed in both legs from the calf down. Major discomfort! Compression stockings and potty pills came to my rescue. I can see my feet bones again and cozy shoes fit. I like happy feet. Currently they are not happy. Grrr dex!

image-1-2I proudly turned forty on the twelfth. So amazing! I am 40! Really! 40! It’s so darn cool! I feel like a little kid chanting loudly”nee-neer,  nee-neer, nee-neer, I-am-four-tee!” on repeat.

Honestly, I am in awe. I have lived to be 40 years old. Not all that long ago I was worried if I would make it through a week or a month. Life can be so mean and cruel at times. When things go good though, I get higher than a kite. Me making it, now a few days past 40, is spectacular.

So far the best thing about being in my forty’s was having a very large birthday cake and eating leftover cake for lunch.


About kimmywink

I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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17 Responses to Where to Start?

  1. dkcaselton says:

    Hi Kim! Very happy birthday and congrats on seeing the bones in your feet! Can I get your email address? Thanks, Debbie


  2. Alison says:

    Kim, this puts excellent perspective on me griping about aging. Thank you. And I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to have you join the club of 40-somethings!!
    “F*ck Cancer, and the cell it rode in on.” (If only I could take credit for that awesome quote…)

  3. G says:

    Lots of love sent to you on your birthday!!

  4. Happy birthday, Kim–so glad you reached 40! Hope you can get off the dexamethasone soon. Hugs, Janet

  5. marcia wieneke says:

    Happy Birthday Kim, your mom filled me in a little about your party, she loves working on parties, decorations etc. She was great in high school, decorating the halls for Spirit Week.Take care and God Bless you Sweetie. Love from Aunt Marcia and Uncle Jerry

  6. Paulaberwick says:

    Happy 40!!! I am so glad you enjoyed your cake and had a great party!! Maybe you should have cake more often!!! You are truly an inspiration to all of us!!! Sorry about the dex!!! Hopefully you will be off of it soon!!!

    All of your followers love you!!!


  7. Yay for 40!!!! I remember feeling that! Now I’m 43! I hope we see 45!!

  8. dearmaizie says:

    Happy Birthday! A very happy birthday!

  9. Melanie says:

    40 is the new 30. Really though, we are still alive! Just lived to see another grandbaby! It is all grace.

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