Day 2 at Crater Lake

Gaining elevation as we travel towards Crater Lake the air was drastically cooler. 

“We will see some snow,” SW says with confidence. 

You call this some?  

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I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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5 Responses to Day 2 at Crater Lake

  1. matissebradford says:

    Looks great keep ’em coming!

    • Mark Hawkins says:

      And speaking of keeping them coming, do you have a job with BES yet?

      • matissebradford says:

        Hey Mark, I wish , taking a little break but hopefully in the near future! Thanks for asking and I hope all is well with you!!! Well is it???

  2. matissebradford says:

    amazing pictures

  3. Mark Hawkins says:

    Crater Lake ice goes great with a micro brew!

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