Cause: Prior Treatment

I am pleased to announce that my next eye exam will take place in 6 months. Six months? Well, that can’t be a major problem!  

I have officially been diagnosed with a mild case of Radiation Retinopathy. Whole Brain Radiation is the cause. The upside is the ‘mild’ part. If/when a transition occurs to moderate or beyond, treatment exists.

I am not unique when I say, I hate that the treatment of cancer comes with many destructive side effects. Do I get a badge for living long enough to experience them? Cancer sucks.

About kimmywink

I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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11 Responses to Cause: Prior Treatment

  1. Holly says:

    I picture a Girl Scout sash with many badges for all of the rigors and indignities you have endured and “mastered”.

  2. g says:

    you are a badass (yep i said it and mean it in the best sense of the word). I love you. you definitely merit a a bad for being so brave.

  3. Matisse bradford says:

    I am telling your cancer to f off mixed with positive vibes. Kim you are so amazing and kind and selfless. I don’t care if that’s prop English or not. Love and miss you. I will say it 1 more time f*** cancer and the cell it rode in on. knowing you anything can happen and it’s always positive. I say so.

  4. You know, you can be a pioneer in cancer treatment without QUITE so many side effects … sorry to hear the retinopathy, but glad it’s mild and some treatment is available later if needed. Hugs, sistah.

  5. breathing a sigh of relief for you xox

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