Starting a Collection

Still feeling nothing from the retina hemorrhage, I am being told that I have more in both eyes now. Looking at my eye images on screen while being told this is blood… that is likely plasma…this here is…  I’m drifting, his words are floating right on by. What is going on with my body?  Why are you breaking down? I need you to work!

I’d be much more in tune if the ear thing hadn’t just happened.

Lefty, the rebellious ear with more holes in it, slowly decided to stop working a short time ago. Thinking back to when I purchased a new car radio, or what ever you call them now, it was brought to my attention that my driver-side front speaker was not working. Makes sense now. Seems that the cause is not my 2011 cisplatin based chemo cocktail but otosclerosis, not cancer related. Not that the cause really matters to me.

image.resize.310.310Many tests and stern insurance company conversations later I can hear, in stereo. I’m sporting a Nano, a Phonak Virto Q Nano.  I just love it.

I don’t love the eye issues. Fingers crossed the retina specialist I see tomorrow will have some answers.

I don’t love collecting problems. I am leery of what lies a head.

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I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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7 Responses to Starting a Collection

  1. g says:

    my fingers are crossed – thought about you over the weekend by the way and always

  2. Prayers continue as always, glad that ear got fixed. Cancer and all its byproducts suck!

  3. Lizzy says:

    I was at a party the other night and every other word out of my mouth was “what?”. Thank you, WBR. So sorry about the retina problems. Welcome to a whole other class of medical professionals. I’ve been going to a neuro-opthamologist since the brain tumor and a retina specialist since march. joy upon joy upon joy. think of you often.

    • kimmywink says:

      Wow. Is this one of those ‘misery loves company moments’? πŸ™‚

      Once I put my thoughts into nice little sentences I’m going to be emailing you. xo

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