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Spending a Day

Like a rebellious teenager my care team announced, “We will get in trouble…That’s okay with us…We are going to do what is best for you!” The words came at me like cold glass of water tossed in my face. Let me … Continue reading

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Cause: Prior Treatment

I am pleased to announce that my next eye exam will take place in 6 months. Six months? Well, that can’t be a major problem!   I have officially been diagnosed with a mild case of Radiation Retinopathy. Whole Brain Radiation is … Continue reading

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The Hits Keep Comin’

Tuesday morning was brutal. I had a 7:30am appointment to get a cracked filling replaced. It’s been years since I’ve left the house by 7. I had enough coffee in my system to register the dentist say, “Kimberly, we need to … Continue reading

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Starting a Collection

Still feeling nothing from the retina hemorrhage, I am being told that I have more in both eyes now. Looking at my eye images on screen while being told this is blood… that is likely plasma…this here is…  I’m drifting, his … Continue reading

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