Holy schamoly!

hope'n it upThe number of survivors at LUNGevity Hope Summit 2015 was 150. How about that?! How did it happen? Are more patients feeling better due to recent rapid advances in treatment options for lung cancer? Could they be feeling less scared to identify themselves as having lung cancer?Or is the lung cancer population finally forming a large uniformed force like the ladies in pink? Regardless, it was pretty awesome to see and be apart of.

My special moments:

1.Hearing Nancy Brinker state that sometimes you need to be a little irritating to get people to listen.

2. Closing down the hotel bar with Kim, Davin, Kimberly, Jessica, Anne and Dusty. Life is so much better with friends you can share the good, bad and ugly with.

3. Having to convince Dr Raja Flores that I did not have my early stage lung cancer surgically removed. …blush…giggle, giggle… I’m advanced, I’ve had it all but surgery…

4. Watching Chris Draft perform – I mean speak – on the topic of awareness and advocacy. I’m pretty certain that man could sell a fireplace to the devil. Best in Show goes to Chris.

5. Alaska Airlines’ lost and found system. I left my prescription eye glasses on the PDX-DCA flight. Two days later, they were retrieved and delivered to me at the gate of my DCA-PDX flight. Impressive!

About kimmywink

I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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4 Responses to Holy schamoly!

  1. SO.MUCH.FUN. I know most people wouldn’t expect to have a rolicking good time at a lung cancer conference, but geez-louise! LC survivors are some of the funnest people around! Loved seeing you, Hope it’s not a whole year before I get to see you again!! ❤

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