Disappointment was no Disappointment

A few days away was exactly what I wanted. The where was not so important. It had to be cheap, approximately 3-hours or less from home, and have a mostly dry 7-day forecast.

The day after my regular oncologist appointment I loaded up the truck with all my camping necessities. Backing the truck out of the driveway, feeling slightly terrified, I set a course for Cape Disappointment. This Washington State campground is settled at the far SW part of the state, where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean.

Cape Disappointment was no letdown. I lucked into a handful of days with great weather. Steps from my campsite I could watch the fierce waves roll in. I felt tough being here on my first solo camping adventure. I did take SW up on the offer to use his truck so I could sleep in the covered bed instead of a tent on the ground. I guess you could say I felt mostly tough.

I did all the hikes the campground had to offer. I now know who they rate “hiking difficulty” for – it’s for me and people like me.  I used to waltz up difficult trails in my flip-flops , gabbing the entire time. Not now. I struggle. I creep along. I get passed by most everyone. Stubbornness and determination keeps my motor running.

When the weather turned to wet and grey I decided to come home. My mission was accomplished. I proved to myself that I can take care of me. Unexpectedly, I also learned that I am a social being. I can be on my own but I really prefer to share my experiences.

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I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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12 Responses to Disappointment was no Disappointment

  1. annelewis46 says:

    I look forward to your posts- your writing and insights

  2. Tammy says:

    You weren’t alone, you had beer! : )

  3. lillytnin says:

    I love this post! I love your boldness, and I totally get your need to prove you can still take care of yourself. It has been weird for me to have a “caregiver” since I was/am fiercely independent. This totally resonated with me.

    Can’t wait to see you in May!!

  4. Good for you Kimmy, you are a tuffy!

  5. Mark Hawkins says:

    Canned wine, what’s next sippy cups for micro brews? … Hey, that kind of sounds nice! I am glad you weren’t disappointed! Being outdoors beats being cooped up inside any day! Great pictures by the way. Leighanne and I took our youngest grandson to Cannon Beach on Thursday and there were TONS of people there! The beach was great though and of course salt water taffy always hits the spot! Take care. Mark H.

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