Splish Splash

nightstandFor what feels like an excessive amount of time I’ve been feeling under-the-weather.

Rather than hitting the gym for treadmill walking, I took a friends suggestion to take a bath.  A hot water soak….precisely what I need.  I am a big, perhaps huge fan of most things LUSH.  Especially fond of bath bombs and bubble bars.  I can say with much certainty after today that buying products that turn your bath water yellow are a bad idea.

Looking at nearly everything in my bathroom, to avoid the yellow water, I noticed the walls.  I examined them. They were flat. Very flat, no texture what-so-ever.  The ceiling too.  In an instant I was transported to my childhood bed staring up at the ceiling.  Heavy texture made it easy to imagine exotic creatures and unique beings.  If I were to go back in that room what would I see?

I fear that I would not see much.  I am drained.

Knowing when we need to hit the reset button is important.  The bummer is we usually notice when it is a few weeks overdue – once the reserves are tapped.  Over the next few weeks I am determined to restore and rebuild.  I can hardly wait to see what appears out of nothing.

About kimmywink

I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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1 Response to Splish Splash

  1. Just thinking if I had the energy to email you when this post came in. Maybe it’s a time in our cycle but I can sure relate. And my new anti- seizure drugs leave me desperate to sleep 18 hours/ day! I maybe sent to hospital rehab for two weeks to see if we can get me stable and more normal. Visit me???? Xoxo
    warmly, marcy

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