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A Boring Appointment

I welcome boring oncologist appointments.  (Sorry Dr C & Andi if you thought it was more than that.) No scans to go over today.  The only business was some pharmacy housekeeping to get addressed before my prescription coverage gets tweaked … Continue reading

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Bag it up and Toss it out!

Clusters of days have turned into weeks; I am still uneasy about so much.  I am a doubting woman as of late.  I ask myself why and I come up with no answer. I prepared a well thought out speech … Continue reading

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Do Not Do As I Do

If you see a person you know at a crematorium don’t get nervous and ask, “What are you doing here?”  Trust me….You will feel like an ass like I did.

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Earth to Kimmy… Earth to Kimmy… Come in Kimmy?

Yes, I am still here. Kind of in a barely sort of way, yet, kind of not. Lets just say the last few weeks have been filled with the polar opposites of one friend having a baby and another loosing his wife … Continue reading

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