Feeling Beachy

IMG_0117-2Celebrated another wedding anniversary at the Oregon Coast a short time ago.  It was wonderful.  Really, wonderful.  Probably the best coast weather I have ever had in Oregon.

We stay at a lovely house in the small town of Manzanita.  The house is situated so that you feel like you are at a cabin in the woods.  Yet, a two block walk puts you on sand staring at the Pacific Ocean.

This trip we did not stray much from the town.  Visited my favorites like T-Spot and Big Wave Cafe.  We also added a new favorite for dinner, Blackbird.  The food and drinks were quite lovely.

I was able to get around pretty good thanks to the recent PR.  Still, the time away was focused on rest and relaxation not exerting myself.

Now at home the hustle and bustle of life is creeping in.  Thankfully I have learned how to schedule in the much needed down time.


About kimmywink

I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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1 Response to Feeling Beachy

  1. g says:

    gosh — that photo – or should i say place looks beautiful. happy you had a great time, and happy anniversary, hugs, g

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