Kayaking and Humor

The weekend away from my comfy-comfy bed was worth it!  I had a great time kayaking on my FDi Adventure.  This event, co-hosted by OHSU and First Descents, included one day of kayaking the Klickitat River and one day of rafting the White Salmon River. Kayaking was hands down my favorite.

I am eager to participate in an action packed, full-fledged FD1 adventure – a week-long First Descents camp.  Of course, I’d choose kayaking again.  Hopefully this will happen next year…pretty please?  If it is something you might be interested in I encourage you to sign up now; I’m pretty certain I’ve been wait-listed for 6-months or so.  They do have programs now for 40-49 year olds…could be because the wait list is that long?

Over the weekend, I’m not sure why, but I started to pay close attention to an individual’s sense-of-humor.  I wonder if a correlation exists between seriousness of chronic condition and ability to crack jokes about one’s chronic condition?  What other contributing factors are there…age, particular condition, gender, time living with condition, shoe size?  People are so interesting to me.

I wonder if Jessica Hagy over at Indexed has given it any though.


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I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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1 Response to Kayaking and Humor

  1. Yes to a high value for humor and survival whatever the details. And I am sure a little kayaking doesn’t hurt. Green with envy or is that green my new shade post 29 hour infusion?
    love, marcy
    Marcy Westerling

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