Watch you go!

As this May 2014 comes to an end I feel relief.  It’s been a mentally exhausting one.

This month marks my 3-year cancer diagnosis.  I did not think that much of it.  Except, I’m glad I’m no longer in the shit-storm of the first 6-months.  Now that was exhausting!

My energy level has been hit or miss.  It seems to fluctuate, similar to the May Portland weather.  Sunny/warm one moment; rain/chilly the next.  My go-to mood changer exercise is a challenge when my energy level is so inconsistent.  I have not been to yoga in, goodness, months.  (Local Pals- Will someone drag my butt to a Daya yoga class?)

I’ve been surrounded by lots of death as of late.  My cancer posse has been hit hard.  Some young, some old; some with lung cancer, some without.  All sad.  Around the beginning of the month a special friend reminded me that it is better to have the loss than to never had made the connection.  Often her reminder has replayed in my head the last few weeks.

My scans last week (or was it the week before?)  showed more shrinkage of the brain tumors.  What is left are only a few itty bitty spots or so I’ve been told.  I have yet to find the desire to read my MRI report.  The details seem unimportant.

The day I found out about the favorable results I learned that a friend is showing signs of resistance to my same drug.  Me at 12-weeks in and the friend at slightly less.  Damn.

Last week (I’m pretty sure it was last week), a sweet friend reminded me of something I said to her regarding my cancer and it made me chuckle.  Profound Kim said, “One day everything was fine and then it wasn’t.”  Pretty basic stuff.  You see why I chuckled now.

May funk, good riddance.


My favorite place to have morning coffee.

About kimmywink

I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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5 Responses to Watch you go!

  1. laughingmonk says:

    I’d love to join you for a yoga class or a coffee date? Text me…

  2. g says:

    enjoy your favorite special spot – its lovely

  3. Mark Hawkins says:

    KIm, I am glad you received good news and have your beautiful oasis to enjoy morning coffee at! Could you invite some friends over and do yoga at the oasis? We are all at different stages of our trip through life. Some of us are just luckier than others, but we shouldn’t be blind to what is going on around us. With what you are going through and my son, Jason, I rarely pass a hospital without thinking of what maybe happening inside … a new birth, a disappointing diagnosis, a successful surgery, who knows.

    Kiss May good bye and embrace June! Enjoy the summer and dance like you have never danced before! Cause you just never know. Luv u. Mark

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