What’s in your wallet?

All the traveling has put me a tad behind in current event reading.  Fine…force it out of me!  That’s not true.  I’m always behind in current event reading.  SW tries his hardest to keep me up to speed.

Feeling better about my recent purchase.

Feeling better about my recent purchase.

I recently became aware of the Billion Dollar Challenge between Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) and Phil and Penny Knight.  In a nut shell, if OHSU Knight (yes, same Knight) Cancer Institute raises $500 million dollars by December 31, 2015 the Knight family will donate $500 million dollars too.  That’s one billion dollars to fight cancer!  Holy moly.

Now, we are at the tail end of Breast Cancer Awareness month, moving into Lung Cancer Awareness month, and Movember.  Are you wondering which cause to support with your hard earned bucks?  Why not donate to OHSU to support all 3?  Just a thought.

Make a donation to OHSU by clicking here.

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I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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8 Responses to What’s in your wallet?

  1. wow! so cool ! I am in !

  2. spencerpdx says:

    Kim sometimes complains that I never comment on her posts and I normally do not because she has to listen to so many of my random ideas at home that i try to shelter her blog from them.

    On this post however, in full disclosure for readers that are unaware, I want to state that I work, indirectly, for Phil Knight at his small footwear company, Nike. And donations like these by Phil, Penny, and Nike as a company that make me proud to say where I work.

    So thank you in advance, for all those that are able to make a donation through the link above.


    ps: Mr. Knight, if this post or comment crosses your path, “Thank you.”

  3. Kelly says:

    Just donated! (thanks for providing the link!)

  4. Rick Sundre says:

    Thanks, Kim. I donated in honor of my younger brother Dan who passed away this July of lung cancer (actually a bone cancer in his ribs that had spread to his lungs). He was 55 years old. I want to thank you for being such a great inspiration to him and others (with cancer and without) on how to face life’s challenges with a constructive and positive attitude. I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs, even though I am very sad you are in this situation. Keep up the good work!

    – Rick (the CAD guy at BES)

    • kimmywink says:

      Thanks for reading the blog, Rick. FYI- I’m not always positive…and that’s OK too.

      Sorry to hear about your brother. Spreading cancer is never a good thing. It was kind of you to donate in his name.

      PS Give Bill O a hard time for me.

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