What are your 5?

94.7 KNRK is a local radiostation in Portland, OR.  Monday through Friday, on the way home from the standard work day, they play “The Perfect Playlist“.  The Perfect Playlist is a group of 5 songs selected by a station listener.  Occasionally, that listener goes to the station to talk about the selection while it is playing on the air.

Guess what I’m doing for Lung Cancer Awareness Month?

perfect playlist

(image from inter-webs)

November 15th I will be talking to local listeners about MY Perfect Playlist.  I selected 5 songs that are significant to me and my lung cancer story.  Sounds easy?  Not for this girl.  I brainstormed songs for several months before I carefully selected the finalists.    I wanted them to be perfect.

I am interested in hearing from you!  What songs are fitting for your life right now?  Don’t send an email….put it in the comments below!

About kimmywink

I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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21 Responses to What are your 5?

  1. Valerie says:

    Kate Bush: Lake Tahoe (the whole album “50 Words for Snow” is just one long mellow fantastic listen, though)
    REM: Perfect Circle (live “MTV Unplugged” has a great version)
    Neil Finn / Eddie Vedder: Take a Walk (they just love playing and performing together…and it shows both in the audio and video versions)
    Shins: Riffle’s Sprial (really great beat that gets me going)
    U2 – Drowning Man (when I want to be sad….this is my go-to song)

  2. laughingmonk says:

    These have been in heavy rotation on my sunny fall playlist…
    Perfection / Oh Land
    Don’t Hold the Wall / Justin Timberlake
    I Wish I Was the Moon / Neko Case
    The Great Escape / Lap Cat
    We Can’t Stop / Miley Cyrus

  3. laughingmonk says:

    can’t wait to hear yours on 11/15th!

  4. Jessica says:

    Oh sweet! You were selected!! I have a cancer playlist which contains songs with both kinds of endings.

    I remember you saying it was an alternative rock station? My first pick would be “Fix You” by Coldplay.


  5. Holly says:

    My perfect five would be from the bands I saw in person when I was in high school, ahh the good old days:
    Long Time – Boston
    Barracuda – Heart
    We are the Champions – Queen
    Go your own Way – Fleetwood Mac
    Rock n Roll all night – Kiss (Yes I saw them and still have the concert program!)

  6. Lizzy says:

    On heavy rotation this month:
    Grouplove’s “Ways to Go”. Gregory Alan Isakov’s “Big Black Car”. Calvin Harris’ version of Florence Welch’s “Sweet Nothing”. Imagine Dragons “Radioactive”. Alabama Shakes “Always Alright”.

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