America the Beautiful

Weeks ago, at a neighborhood barbecue, I learned about a pass I could get for FREE because I am disabled.  Well, the details are a little different but generally, the crowd was right.

photo-70“America the Beautiful” is a National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands pass.  If you meet the qualifications, people can obtain an Access Pass for free which provides you with free lifetime access to all National Parks and Federal Recreation areas, along with some other perks*.  (* The other perks are different for each state; you’ll need to do some digging to find the exact details for your area.)

To qualify for this free pass you must be considered Permanently Disabled.  With my Stage 4, NSCLC diagnosis I qualify.

To view more information about the pass click HERE.  To view the mail order application and supporting documentation requirements click HERE.  To see where you can obtain a pass in person click HERE.

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I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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10 Responses to America the Beautiful

  1. gwendolyn says:

    you are so NICE to pass on this information – and you always do! SO THANKS. and I LOVE YOUR NAILS.
    hope you have a nice weekend!! love, gwendolyn

  2. gwendolyn says:

    i mean you always pass along information (In case my meaning got lost in translation)

  3. And I might just share it forward, if you dont mind, on my blog with, of course, full credit to your work! And thanks for sharing the paperwork yesterday. Time to hang out in some parks! love, marcy

  4. Tammy says:

    Check Sunset Magazine for their list of best National Parks! You and the list of inspiring.

  5. Dawn Pfarr says:

    I am excited to hear about your first National Park adventure!
    P.s. digging that nail color.

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