Really? You’re moving?

Found out today that my amazing, totally trusted, practically loved, medical oncologist, Dr Sandler, is leaving OHSU.  Starting July 1st I’ll be moved to another lung cancer specialist.

What?  How?  No!

I need a nap.

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I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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13 Responses to Really? You’re moving?

  1. Okay, this sucks. Where is he going? And can you close out with him before July 1st and make him pledge to stay on your case? I bet he would. I am so sorry for this sucky timing on sucky news. xo marcy

    • kimmywink says:

      I will continue to have his ear and opinion as he moves into the area of drug development.
      It’s not the same as leading my care; the job he was perfect for me at.

  2. gwendolyn says:

    i hope that regardless of where dr. sandler goes he/she is able/willing to stay involved even as a consultant. my mom just had the same thing happen to her too about a week ago! and she felt the same thing (the need for a nap and the need to be sad! – which is an understatement) – if there is a way i hope dr. sandler can still monitor your treatments going forward and continue to provide input. hoping that will be the case!

    • kimmywink says:

      He, Dr Sandler, will still be available for consult. Still, not the same role. I can completely relate to your mom.

      I’m sure that I will make sure I’m in good hands with the next one.

      • gwendolyn says:

        my mom wouldnt speak to me for few days when she found out. i know where you’re coming from.

        lets just all pray this new person is SUPER GREAT TOO.

  3. laughingmonk says:

    That’s not even two-weeks notice. Yes, see if he’ll stay on as a consultant, no matter where he goes.

    • kimmywink says:

      You’re right!

      He says I’ll forever be his patient. I’ll miss him telling me the results of my scans in 4 weeks.

      • Jennifer Lembach says:

        Oh no!! I’m so sorry to hear that. I know how much you like him and how amazing of a dr he is. Hope the nap helped!

  4. Paula says:

    A nap is always a good thing! I know you are sad that he won’t be involved in your day-to-day care. It’s difficult to change doctors under ‘normal’ circumstances. I can only imagine how hard it is in your situation. I know that you will, as in the past, make the best of it (maybe even better). You are such a fighter and an inspiration! Love, Paula

    • kimmywink says:

      Thank you for the kind words Ms Paula. I’m doing what I can to make it be as smooth as possible.
      PS- I found out yesterday that my amazing nurse Karen is still assigned to me. Thank goodness!

  5. Jessica says:

    How rude and inconsiderate of him! There’s always Dr. Roush here in Philly… I’ll share!

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