Faith is a word used by many.  Not often me by, or so I thought.

CameraBag_Photo_1000-17I’ve been a full-time-baldy since March. Bald = hats for me.  One of my go-to’s is my soft pink cashmere gem.  Love it!

Only recently, did I start to pay careful attention to the compliments I was getting on it.  “I looove your hat,” a woman says while she touches my arm.  “That’s just great,” followed by the head tilt.  Strange, I thought.

It was finally boldly pointed out to me.  I’m telling people to have FAITH.  What???  I don’t tell people to do that!  Right?  Wrong. My hat sports a cute, embroidered branding on the back of the hat.  Yup, Faith.  It’s a Faith hat, for Faith Jennings the designer.  (I usually pick them up at Bonnet.)

So.  There I go telling people to have Faith.  Really, check them out.  They are lovely.

Note: Cashmere hats  are not easy to lint roller.  It’s not a type of hat you want to wear if your still shedding.  Cotton is much better for shedders.

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I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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9 Responses to Faith

  1. Dawn Pfarr says:

    I love the ‘Faith’ hat Kim and can’t wait to get home and check out the website. Sending a lot of love your way.

    • kimmywink says:

      Dawn! Been missing you… xoxo

      • Dawn Pfarr says:

        Hi Kim….miss you too! I don’t have your phone number because I had to upgrade to a smart phone. They couldn’t transfer the phone numbers becaused I washed my old phone in the washing machine. Lol Oh well. 🙂
        I will e-mail you this week….or vice versa.

  2. Jessica says:

    So funny… I’ve harassed you once about this so I’ll hold back this time. 😉

  3. gwendolyn says:

    beautiful hat beautiful write-up

  4. Bonnet says:

    Thanks for mentioning us! For those of you looking for cotton, Faith also makes the same style in super soft jersey cotton – available in the store!

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