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Spots or Dots?

What a week!  I was quite concerned with what the brain MRI was going to show.  The scan took place on Wednesday; results would be discussed at my Thursday appointment. The results are in and processed by my little noggin.  Finally, I am … Continue reading

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Leavenworth – town not prison

Getting away to Leavenworth, Washington hit the spot!  No demands what-so-ever!  I had no guilt for lounging around instead of planting my tomato plants.  (I’m having a tad bit of guilt about the tomato plants right now.) I was reminded … Continue reading

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Time to Run Away

The Dr S check up this week was not as uneventful as I wished it would be.  That pesky spot in my upper left lobe seems to be on the move, again.  This time in a much more traditional growing … Continue reading

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Helpful Website

I often watch the video clips on GRACE (when I’m not on cancer overload). The other day I picked up on an oncologist, Dr Ravi Salgia, talking about this website CollabRx.  The target audience appears to be a well educated one in the cancer world. … Continue reading

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Finding Joy

Today I woke up with a mission – I must meditate!  I can’t even remember the last time I did. This meditation practice had a theme.  I focused on the phrase, “Find the joy in living”. When I’m out of … Continue reading

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You’re So Far….Behind!

Typically, when I get really behind on something I try to forget about it entirely.  That is not going to happen to this blog!  I feel as if I am so far behind here.  I have lots and lots to … Continue reading

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A new kind of Summit

This weekend I’m celebrating life with almost a hundred lung cancer survivors at the LUNGevity Hope Summit, in Washington DC. Two quick highlights:  I feel like I’ve met someone famous!  I connected with fellow blogger, Jessica Rice.  Another 30-something who’s … Continue reading

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