Connect, Then Un-Connect

I connected some dots that should not have been connected.   Yes, I was overwhelmed. It was such a simple connection, but not one really worth connecting.  Let me explain…

  • First: Talk with Dr S he stated, “You have upper left lobe wall thickening.  I need to sit down with the radiologist to discuss with him exactly how much.”
  • Second: A few weeks ago Dr S suggests, “If you are showing growth, a good option for you is the LDK378 trial hosted in Seattle.”
  • Third: Sometime after the second talk Dr S says, “Alright, I’ve talked with Dr Martins in Seattle.  We both think you should look into this LDK378 trial.  Let’s get you up there to see him.”

There it is.  I connected the dots to me having “substantial growth” from those 3 conversations.  I wrote a blog post about my poor growth.  I got all sad about the very expensive pills in my cupboard that would never be consumed.  I got more sad about having to leave my amazing Dr S for another very good doctor in Seattle.  I was damn mad I needed a change in treatment.  And, it was all unnecessary.

Two days ago I had a chest/liver CT.  Going into my Dr S appointment today I was expecting even more growth since I was off the ‘nib.  I got the opposite news.  My upper left lobe, funkified from all the radiation, is unchanged from the Feb 13th scan.  The same scan, the Feb 13th one, after close evaluation that does not look like cancer growth.  Like I said before, its funky from all the chest radiation.  Funky- I can do.

Tonight, Crizotinib and I are getting reacquainted.  Bye-bye, grapefruit.

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I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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18 Responses to Connect, Then Un-Connect

  1. bitty says:

    Sorry to hear of your funkification, but so happy to learn that you’re able to return to the open arms of your old friend, Crizotinib!

    • kimmywink says:

      Oh Bitty, I’m so thrilled to return to it too. A known is very comforting in this world of many unknowns. But, I do know that drug trails are the direction I’m heading. So it goes!

  2. Patrick says:

    YEAH!!! Happy dancing and funky! 🙂

  3. Great news. Prayers, prayers, prayers.

  4. Mark Hawkins says:

    So no new growth, no new Dr. in Seattle and no LDK378 trial ??? Yes to Crizotinib and no to grapefruit. Is that right ? Of course, yes to a good microbrew ! Spring is on the way, and with it, many positive thoughts your way! Take care. Mark H.

  5. Jennifer Lembach says:

    Hasta la vista, grapefruit!!!

  6. Valerie says:

    I’m so sad for that grapefruit 😦 Very happy for you and those CRaZy pills.

  7. gwendolyn says:

    hope you’re having a nice week! spring is slowly arriving in nyc it seems today, so i am in a good mood 🙂 have a nice week!

  8. gwendolyn says:

    and hope the Crizotinib helps immensely!!

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