A Prost: To the Travel Neck Pillow

The side effects from WBR have been ramping up.  I completed treatment on the 8th, but the full effects of treatment kick in 2-weeks afterwards, now.

For the most part I’m tired.  (I’m getting sick of hearing myself say that.)  Not too tired to read, which is nice.  Don’t get me wrong, I have been taking full advantage of my unlimited streaming on Netflix and Hulu.  I suppose an accurate conclusion to draw here is: I’m spending most of my time at home laying low.

I don’t feel ill at all which is fantastic.  I’m half considering the Day 1 reaction of nausea and vomiting to be food induced.  I’ll never know.

My head is rather burnt and itchy.  The ears are the worst, being burnt inside and out!  I have found the best product to apply on my skin is Miaderm, purchased at Kaiser for a pretty penny.  Calendula cream, as recommended from my radiation oncologist at OHSU, caused my normally sensitive skin to break out in a pimply rash.  I’ve never had good luck with lotions, creams, or soaps.

Yam + Travel PillowAs you can read, I’m dealing with lots of “ouchies” on my noggin.  A huge obstacle has been getting comfortable laying down.  Two days ago, I pulled out a travel neck pillow from my storage bin.  It’s the U-shaped pillow usually worn around the neck to support the head while traveling.  Well, I’ve re-purposed it.  It works great for this side-sleeper at providing a “free & clear zone” my ear needs.  Goofy, I know. But, it is such a miracle worker!

Know anyone with crispy ears from WBR?  Seriously, tell them about the travel neck pillow.  They will love you for the tip!

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I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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6 Responses to A Prost: To the Travel Neck Pillow

  1. Diane Fink says:

    Great tip on the pillow. hang in there, you are definitely staying “POSITIVE”. Sending smiles, hugs and love.

  2. bitty says:

    I just placed a pre-emptive Amazon order for Miraderm and a travel pillow! My head and ears already feel a bit warm, though I could be imagining things. I have transformed into Queen of Acne the past few days, with lots of accompanying l’il bumps on my head. I was thinking it has probably brought on by stress, but I wonder if it’s at least partly WBR-generated. It’s gross, at any rate, and I may be equally sensitive to creams and business. I’ve never been one to spend big money on cosmetics, so it felt really ritzy to drop $34 on a 4 oz. tube of cream. So thanks for making me feel so luxurious for a brief moment! 🙂

    I do hope your ouchies are minimized and fast. I’m not looking forward to fatigue, but catching up on some movies that I know would hold no interest to my husband sounds like an okay way to pass some time if and when it does kick in. Rest, rest, rest, and feel better!

  3. kimmywink says:

    There is a time and place for brainless TV/movies! I say recovering from WBR is it.

    I got/have lots of acne too. Yuck! I thought it was WBR and drug related. Maybe the steroids? I pulled out one of my favorite mud masks to apply. It’s tricky when you don’t have a hair line! A friend joking said, “It’s a mud helmet!” She was pretty spot on.

    I hope your happy with your purchases. xo

  4. hoLLY says:

    I think the kitty cat looks like a nice neck pillow also – nice and soft.

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