One more Zap Day this week

Well, WBR kicked my tush on Day 1!  Not exactly what I wanted to have happen but damn, it happened!

I was one of the rare cases, the one that reacts on Day 1 to WBR.  My first session took place at 5:00 pm.  Which was rescheduled an hour early at the last-minute.  By 7:30 pm I had a splitting headache.  By 11:00 pm I was in the bathroom; nausea had evolved into vomiting.  Being caught totally off guard I did not have the right drugs on hand to combat the attack.  (Read: I was screwed!)

After a phone in to the Radiation Oncologist On-Call, I had a prescription for dissolvable Zofran written; ready for pick up immediately at the closest 24-hour pharmacy.  Dissolvable pills were essential as they melt in your mouth; not requiring any water to get them down, water that will later end up in the toilet, along with the pill.

SW came to my aid and hit the road at 12:30 am.  After mild complications, only 7 pills of the 30 prescribed were filled.  It is frustrating needing pre-authorizations for the meds, but enough were handed out to get me through the next few days.

Mr PinkBy 2:30 am I was done being ill.  Afraid to leave the bathroom, I crashed out in the tiny space between my toilet and bathtub in child’s pose.  I don’t recommend this position for snoozing!  At 4:30 am, when I tried going to bed, getting my legs to work was next to impossible.  Although, I was highly motivated to lay in a warm bed – with Mr Pink nearby just in case.

Now, I am back to an okay-to-normal state.  I’m still trying to get enough Zofran to last through the weekend and eventually through treatment.  I understand regulating the amount of prescription drugs that are distributed but why anti-nausea drugs?  I’m sure a long-winded explanation exists as sure as I’m not going to make the time to listen to it.

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I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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26 Responses to One more Zap Day this week

  1. Alison says:

    Kim, did the pharmacy require authorization from your insurance company? Forgive me if that’s a dumb question — I think that’s likely the reason but just wanting to make sure I understood. I hope that your knees are feeling better!

    • kimmywink says:

      That is exactly it. The pre-authorization takes 72-hours but in my case it will be over a weekend…7 pills will not get me though 5 days. I’m taking them every 12-hours right now. I hope to go to one pill an hour before each treatment only. Zofran has it’s own set of unpleasant side effects I’m not eager to manage with even more drugs.


  2. Marcy says:

    You are amazing. Your fan, marcy

  3. dkcaselton says:

    Dang girl. I am so sorry for what you are going through. Please let me know if you need anything. Even if it involves stalking a pharmacist. You are in my thoughts.

    • kimmywink says:

      Thanks Debbie for your concern. In all honesty, I’m feeling much much MUCH better. Today, I’ll be driving myself around and going on an hour long walk. Rain can’t hold this girl back today!

      PS- I’ll be crashed out by 5:30 though. :0)

  4. Diane Fink says:

    Kim, sending my love. Sorry you had such a tuff time. I understand the disappointment not getting the anti-nausea drug filled as requested. I did not know there was an anti-nausea pill that dissolves, makes perfect sense. Hang in there – Marcy is correct: You Are Amazing! Thanks for sharing all you go through, really helps me, I am so blessed to have good health and to appreciate it so much more. And be even more sympathic to loved ones who are ill.

    • kimmywink says:

      Thanks for the love Diane!
      It’s very therapeutic for me to share what I’m going though. My goal is for it to help others in any capacity as much as it helps myself. Glad it seems to be working for you.

      Take great care!

  5. Sharon Wierwille says:

    I am so sorry that happened to you. I hope it doesn’t happen again – but if it does, you got it. Wonder if you should take a Zofran right after the treatment just in case?

    • kimmywink says:

      I’ve been on constant Zofran since Tuesday (every 12 hours). Today I will take one pill an hour before the treatment only. Then, if needed, adding a Compazine at bedtime. Too much Zofran is hard on my guts.

  6. Jessica says:

    Ugh Kim, I’m sorry to hear that this is zapping your tummy too.

    As far as Zofran, I think there is some conspiracy with the insurance companies. I can only get 12 pills (4 days) worth at once even though the prescription has been written twice for 30 days with 2 refills. I can still get all those pills, just in 4 day increments.

    Thanks for the update, and please feel better.

  7. randallrbroad says:

    So sorry you are going through this challenging period of your procedure. I’m grateful you have the wherewithal to share…so very important in my view of things. All things must pass…this time certainly will. I wish you a speedy and total recovery…blessings your way. You are a strong and giving person. Thank you for your gift.

  8. Kelly says:

    SW rocks! That man needs a superhero cape. Glad that you’re getting the drugs you need, even if they are in small quantities. Insurance companies have way too much power!

  9. bitty says:

    I hope you and Mr. Pink are able to take a nice long break from each other this weekend. Rest up!

  10. Totally sucks, the headaches and nausea. I had it after cyberknife. I cannot believe you need preauth for anti-nausea. Hang in there Kimmy. xox (glad your out walking)

  11. Mark Hawkins says:

    Kim: I hope you continue to feel better and can relax this weekend. You might ask SW to pick up a couple more Mr. Pinks and some TP … I am afraid we may soon need prescriptions for these too! More position thought scoming your way! Mark H.

  12. Valerie says:

    Heard from Susan A, that you were able to get a good walk in this weekend up at the Slough. Not able to post you a picture….but it sounds like one of the infamous “Wonder Woman” photos would be completely appropriate this past and upcoming weeks. Hope this week is better. Valerie

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