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Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Brain

The WBR process is strange. I can endure getting strapped down to a board by my head.  I can tolerate the confining mask placed over my face.  I can accept the bleach like stench that is produced in my head. … Continue reading

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It happens again…

People are coming out of the woodwork to take care of me and my amazing, primary caretaker/husband SW.  I can’t believe it!  The fridge is full of quality food, transportation schedules are drafted, and vases are full of beautiful blooms.  … Continue reading

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One more Zap Day this week

Well, WBR kicked my tush on Day 1!  Not exactly what I wanted to have happen but damn, it happened! I was one of the rare cases, the one that reacts on Day 1 to WBR.  My first session took … Continue reading

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Ramping up

Here I go again.  Eager to give cancer a beating.  This time with whole brain radiation (WBR).  My first zap takes place on Tuesday evening.  After that, I’ll have 13 more sessions.  Three weeks in all.  For the most part … Continue reading

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Grapefruit Anyone?

As I suspected the last handful of days have been crazy. The birthday.  That was great considering I had a dentist appointment that day.  I really dislike the dentist.  Somehow, I managed to be showered with birthday gifts from my … Continue reading

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Go Fly a Kite

The weekend away at the Oregon Coast was delightful.  At one point, I turned to SW and said, “I am so totally happy and relaxed.  I have not a single thing to do but to simply be me.”   Truthfully, … Continue reading

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Beaching It!

Like last year, SW and I ran off to the Oregon Coast to celebrate my birthday.  We are staying in a great house just a block off the beach – thank you Dawn & Susan! Two nights away is what … Continue reading

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Let it be

About two weeks ago I jotted down 10 things to accomplish.  Well, I still have those 10 things to do.   As my readers know, I am finding it difficult to post.  (I’ll be better- just watch!) For no explanation, other … Continue reading

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