First winter, unemployed

Winter is not my favorite season, I am much more a summer girl.  Traditionally, in winter I get the blah-blah-blah’s by mid-February.  Which worked out quite nice because that meant I could run away to someplace fun and sunny (and usually centered around rock climbing) for my birthday.  This year, I’m pretty sick of winter about 6-weeks ahead of schedule.  Bring on the spring!

The biggest change from previous years is that I am no longer working.  No 40-hour a week commitment frees up lots of time in my planner.  Typically, my go-to-fun revolves around me playing outside which is not really happening in the cold and wet Portland winter.

I have been baking and cooking up a storm which I do love.  I picked up the Smitten Kitchen cookbook a few months back and yup, I’m smitten with it.  (The Smitten Kitchen blog has more recipes.  Although, in my opinion, a hard bound book can’t be beat.)  I have a few crafty projects that are entertaining, but getting up and doing them has been a challenge.

I’ve never struggled with motivation before.  It feels so foreign.  I keep thinking maybe I am tired and need a nap.  Nope.  I’m pretty positive I need to get off my duff and go on a walk instead.

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I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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10 Responses to First winter, unemployed

  1. Melanie says:

    I haven’t worked since my craniotomy and diagnosis in Aug. 2011. I keep saying if the next scan is good or when I have more energy maybe then I’ll try to work a bit. But now more cyberknife next week and that will zap me once again. Maybe when I get my energy back…and its 5 degrees here in Wisconsin!

  2. gwendolyn says:

    seems like you’re dealing really creative things to beat the winter blues. andstarting and stopping and restarting are all good too right? going with the flow as it were. hope it’s beautiful in portland and wisconsin,

    • kimmywink says:

      Trying to be creative. I started to make felted wool animals. Okay, one animal. It’s a pretty cute hedgehog. I’m thinking of an owl next.

      The sun was out again today. Loved it! Had a great walk around a lake up north in Washington today. I can’t believe it is 5 degrees in Wisconsin…I would never leave the house.

      • Melanie says:

        It was 5 below zero this morning and Kimmy, I know it wouldn’t stop you!

      • gwendolyn says:

        and i’m complaining about 19 degree nyc weather – i think i should stop 🙂
        hope everything goes well with the cyberknife too, and kimmy, the felt wool animals seem like a totally fun project!

        have a nice week

      • kimmywink says:

        You’re both putting me to shame… It’s a mile 34 degrees in Portland. 😦

  3. gwendolyn says:

    oops meant to type feltED

    • Melanie says:

      thanks Gwendolyn, just hoping I’m not in diapers in a few months, that would be a total turn off to my husband! I say this in jest, mostly.

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