Successful Christmas

Christmas 2012 was a fine one.  For me the celebration is a two-day event, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day; the first spent with family, the second spent with friends.  I was fortunate to be feeling great both days.

I did do some gift exchanging this year and it felt drastically different than last.

philips_hue_lights_1Last year my focus was on purging my special objects.  I wanted and needed nothing as I was certain I would not get a reasonable amount of use out of it.  This year, I am willing to take on new objects and enjoy them as long as I can.  I still have a practical side but it’s large enough to include the stunning Philips Hue lights SW gave me.  (I heart lights!)

It’s nice when cancer takes a back seat or better, when I toss cancer in the back seat.

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I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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3 Responses to Successful Christmas

  1. gwendolyn says:

    how does these lights work? do yours hang down like what i see in that image you link us too? or are you going to install them some other way? and were you gifted a particular hue as in red, green, yellow, or something else? – great gift! i love light too so get the excitement and joy 🙂 happy new year in advance!

  2. kimmywink says:

    Hello Gwendolyn,
    I put the three bulbs I received into my existing light fixtures- dining room & kitchen. I can control the color by you guessed it, an app on my phone and laptop! They change some 16 million different colors. Crazy huh?! They run on my wireless network. Not cheap lights but VERY entertaining!
    I think you should get someone to buy them for you too! 🙂


    • gwendolyn says:

      thats even nicer than i imagined! and i imagine really pretty as it goes through the color spectrum! also really nice that you can control things using your phone/laptop…lets think steve jobs and the rest of those people for that i guess – the innovators!!:) enjoy the lights.

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