Anti-Cancer Diet

Okay, I did it for a short while.  I followed a strict anti-cancer diet.  Now, not so much.

For the most part I make healthy food decisions.  I have the funds available to purchase organic.  I refuse fast food.  I don’t crave sugary treats.

Truth is, I simply love food.  For me, good food = good life.  My deep depression periods match the times when I’ve been able to consume limited items.  I am proudly saying ‘I’m done with it’.  If I want to add feta to my salad, I’m going to do so.  If I want to eat a handful of grape tomatoes off my plant, I’m going to do so.

Perhaps this food choice will have an impact on my progression free or overall survival as others suggest.  But living is about finding balance, right?  My balance is found by ingesting quality ingredients but giving into my cravings, moderately.  That once a year eggnog latte is divine.

Love People. Cook them tasty food.

About kimmywink

I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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12 Responses to Anti-Cancer Diet

  1. gwendolyn says:

    I agree! balance is key. i’m learning this myself 🙂
    love this post and the other one the other day too!

  2. gwendolyn says:

    hope you’re making good use of your yoga room too. 🙂 since we’re referring to balance. 🙂

  3. Jules says:

    Nothin’ like a good ol’ Egg Log Natte! They always remind me of you. : )

  4. Liz says:

    I thought I was doing everything right, nutrition-wise, and then the cancer recurred. So you know what? I eat ice cream, I drink coke, I have a cheeseburger now and then. I also eat my veggies and fruits, get lots of sleep, and exercise. Everything in moderation, leaning toward more of the good stuff. Obviously, eating spinach in ridiculous amounts and forgoeing things that make me happy just landed me in two years of chemo.

    • Melanie says:

      I had a friend years ago, who ate nothing but organic, and had no vices. She was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer and was gone within a year. She would have me driving to Outpost to buy free range chickens for the soup I made her. I thought, at that point, whats it matter?!? Of course I am not advocating my diet of cigerettes, vodka and P&J sandwiches, (which got me into this mess) but you and Kimmy are more than right about balance.

    • kimmywink says:

      I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that spinach causes cancer. (Just kidding! I made that up.)

  5. Melanie says:

    Feta? Weren’t all the Greeks gods?

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