Scan Frequency

My oncologist, Dr S, has let me decide when to get my next scan- the one that tells me what’s up with the cancer.  My last scan was August 2012.  My options were 8-weeks or 12-weeks from August.  I’ve decided to push it to 12-weeks; taking place in November 2012.

I’m not sure what I’ll decide next time, that is if it will be my choice.  Things I consider when making this decision…

  1. Can the growth, if detected, be managed with a 4-week head start?
  2. Do I want to go through “scan and wait” more frequently?
  3. Each scan costs me $325 out-of-pocket.  (Not reached that out-of-pocket max yet.)
  4. Do I really want to know if my cancer is growing?
  5. Scans cause cancer. 🙂

The decision is all mine to make or at least it was this time.  It is nice to have control over somethings in the cancer world.

After posting clarification- I’m getting a CT scan.

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I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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2 Responses to Scan Frequency

  1. Melanie says:

    My oncologist said walking on the earth gives you a little radiation every day, an x-ray gives you a few days worth but a PET gives you 3-4 months worth! She too wants to only do a CT for my next scan. As long as it is reliable, fine with me.

  2. kimmywink says:

    CT’s are very reliable. From what I’ve read/heard they more so than a PET for getting exact measurements. I’ve had both; my preference is CT because they take much less time. To each is own!

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