Bouncing Back

After 5 full days of being in the comfort of my home I’m still not my usual chipper self. Exhaustion has taken over my body.  Total exhaustion.  I accepted that it could be the result of a vacation for the first few days.  After all, being tired after unpacking, doing laundry, restocking the cupboards, etc. is expected.  But, I was showing no signs of improvement from one day to the next.

Quickly I transitioned into Monitor Mode.  Temperature readings were taken (and continue to be taken) at morning, noon, and night.  My water consumption is also kept a close eye on.  I’ve found that these two things are tell-tale signs if I’m getting sick.

It was no surprise that my Thursday blood test results were alarming.  My white cell and neutrophil counts are low.  Too low.

I’m in the process to get the okay from Dr S to begin taking herbs prescribed by my naturopath, Dr Vickers, that can help boost my numbers.  I’m willing to do anything I can. If the numbers don’t get back to an acceptable low my Crizotinib dosage will be modified. The thought of my dosage being decreased really freaks me out.  (Really!)

My next blood check up will take place Thursday.  Until then, I hope to not drive myself too crazy thinking and over-thinking about results.

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I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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11 Responses to Bouncing Back

  1. gwendolyn says:

    just read your post and also just discovered your blog. i pray that you feel better soon! and try not to overthink the current situation too. just wanted to send prayers 🙂

    • kimmywink says:

      Thanks Gwendolyn! It would really be nice to have a switch to operate my brain. Especially when it is supposed to be in ‘sleep mode’.

      • gwendolyn says:

        i suggest you look into yoga nidra. it might help you find/develop that helpful switch! i use it often and it WORKS. pulled this from a website “Yoga Nidra is a guided visualization, relaxation technique from the Tantric tradition. It helps to unwind tension in the mind & body, simply by lying down, closing your eyes and listening to the guided visualization. It is called “sleep”, but the intention is to remain awake. It is not uncommon to fall in and out of sleep in the practice, however over time you’ll find it easier to stay awake. The objective of the practice is to strip away the chatter of the mind and to simply be present. It requires no effort. Some who have trouble with meditation have an easier time with this as you don’t have to “try” to do or to “be” anything. One hour of Yoga Nidra is the equivalent of four hours of rest.”

      • gwendolyn says:

        i can also forward you a link to a free yoga nidra recording as well. you might not like it, but it’s worth trying to figure out that too

    • kimmywink says:

      Thanks Gwendoln for the Yoga Nidra recommendation. As my friend Alison commented below she gave me a cd. I am interested in getting another one to add to my collection. I’ll be in contact with you via email.
      Thank you!

  2. Sharon Wierwille says:

    I hope that you get your WBC count up soon. Just a caution – be careful with herbs as some of them can compete with the CYP3A4 pathwaythat metabolizes Xalkori. Have you thought about asking your oncologist for a shot of Neulasta or Neupogen to stimulate neutrophil (WBC) production? It makes you feel sore for a day or so as it works, but it gets your neutrophil count up quickly.

    Thank you for the Cancer on Board stickers. I love them. I put the small one on my name badge at work.


    • kimmywink says:

      Thank you for the recommendations. I’m pretty naive when it comes to how my drugs work. Thank goodness I’m surrounded by highly educated individuals like you.

      Glad you are having fun with the stickers. Need more? Let me know…

      • Melanie says:

        Finally put one on my car window, gotten alot of stares at stop lights, maybe I’m just paranoid. Thanks again for them. And feel better SOON. As always, in my daily prayers.

  3. Alison says:

    Hey K, I gave you a copy of my yoga nidra CD. As Gwendolyn described, the intention is to stay awake but also is beneficial if you fall asleep. I use it when I have trouble sleeping. The only downside is that you’re supposed to lie on your back…so you’d want to prop up. Really good stuff. xoxo

    • kimmywink says:

      Yes, I like the CD. I could benefit by keeping my ipod on my night stand instead of in my yoga room. I really could have used it this last week. I’m hoping today, after getting my results, I’ll have a nice long nap! …maybe with the help of yoga nidra.

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