Getting Away

I had an uneventful oncologist appointment on Thursday- uneventful is a great thing.  (I meet with Dr S every 4 weeks and for now scans are 12 weeks apart.)  It was precisely what I needed before getting away with friends for the weekend.

Somehow we ended up camping and climbing near Bend, Oregon.  Where this time of year it is much warmer than Portland.  Not really ideal for climbing but great for time away from home if that is what you need.  From the constant eye twitch in “lefty”, I figured going anyplace would be a good thing.

Originally SW and I had planned to head up North to Squamish BC for 5 days.  We love the area and the temps would have been much more friendly.  Since the Big C, both of us have made some adjustments to our priorities.  Spending quality time with friends moved ahead of going to a great climbing destination by ourselves.  The number of days the larger group could get away together was only 3, therefore, the destination needed to be much closer than Squamish.

Granite wall at Squamish called The Chief- I don’t climb this, I climb on the boulders beneath it

I had my usual difficulties with breathing.  On a few occasions I thought I was going to pass out, which would have been horrible considering I would have fallen down on sharp rock and I am on blood thinners.  My belly/intestine function was easily kept under control.  The only new challenge that arose was on Monday.  I was completely exhausted from being “on” the entire time.  I slept my Monday away!

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I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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2 Responses to Getting Away

  1. Melanie says:

    Rock climbling! Your amazing, The heat in Milwaukee has been unbearable. Its all I can do lately to water the pots and get back in the house. I am hoping it is a side effect of radiation and that I will have energy again soon and can tolerate the outside before the snow starts falling.

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