Work Around the House

Over the last year plus countless friends from all parts of my life have come over to help with house and yard work.  Often after they left I would cry.  I was brought to tears because 1.) I was shocked at how nice people could be to a fellow human, and 2.) I could not believe my state of being was so bad that I was unable to perform the tasks they did.

Thank you cards were sent out to all but it never felt like it was enough.  Last weekend, I finally did what I feel is an appropriate thank you to all the helpers.

I went over to a family members house and did some yard work!  It was pretty un-fun work but it felt great to help someone else, who in this case, did not request the help.  I had forgotten how rewarding it is to help someone else in need.

I am unable to “work” the way I used to- breathing is difficult when my heart rate is elevated.  I learned that it did not really matter how much I did.  The simple fact that I went over and worked as much as I could was enough.

I encourage all of you to help out a friend, neighbor, or family member this weekend. You’ll feel fantastic about it.

About kimmywink

I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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