Phone Calls

Monday night I got a call from a woman who is getting started on her cancer journey. Diagnosed less than 2 weeks ago, also with lung cancer, she will begin Crizotinib within the week.

Tuesday morning I got a call from a man who will begin looking for a new lung cancer treatment.  His cancer has developed resistance to Crizotinib.

It was an emotional 15 hours for me.   The evening call was full of positive things to say about Crizotinib, the wonder drug.  The morning call was a grounding reminder. Crizotinib is not a permanent solution to our problems.  It works great but someway; somehow the cancer finds a way around it.

Round 2 drugs, for folks who become resistant to Crizotinib, are in testing.  The goal of a cancer patient is to always be at least one step behind the drugs.

About kimmywink

I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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1 Response to Phone Calls

  1. Jennifer Lembach says:

    Ugh! Sorry to hear about that emotionally draining call. I’m glad you got to be a positive light for someone new to the “scene” though. I bet you made her day.
    Stay strong, tough lady!

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