I did it!

I reached my out of pocket maximum for prescription drugs in my first month!

The Crizotinib (Xalkori is the name brand) ended up costing me $1,101.84.  This number is not 20% of retail + $20 as my insurance plan states.  This number is simply what brings me to my out of pocket maximum, $1,500.  From here on out the drug SHOULD cost me my co-pay of $20 for a 30-day supply.  On Kaiser my drug had no co-pay what-so-ever, it was free. (Kaiser….the good ol’ days.)

I’m unsure what the retail price is for Walgreens Specialty- the pharmacy that is filling my prescription.  It will be interesting to see how the retail price compares to Kaiser’s price of $12,000 for a 30-day supply.

Putting up a fight against cancer is expensive!   AND I have what people call “good” insurance.

About kimmywink

I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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4 Responses to I did it!

  1. dkcaselton says:

    Holy crap, Kim!!!! That is absolutely RIDICULOUS!

  2. Diane Fink says:

    Amen ! re: last 2 posts. My sister battling cancer, on kidney dialysis (3 days/wk.), recovering from hip replacement. I help her with paper work re: insurance, health care, It is CRAZY ! We live in a rural area in N.C., Wal-Mart pharmacy prices are lower for my family. I don’t understood why Insurance Companies & pharmacies charge different prices for same pill ! Have a good day….

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