So far, So sleepy

Since I’ve been out of work (last day was the 5th) I’ve been to 12 cancer related appointments.  Seriously, 12 of them. No wonder why I was coming up a dollar short every single day while trying to maintain a 36-hour a week job.

Most of my time, outside of appointments, has been for resting if not sleeping.

Yesterday at IEP I was lucky to have Dr Vickers give me acupuncture.  Since it had been about 4 months since we talked last we had lots of catching up to do.  (I was unable to keep up my naturopath appointments while working.)  The greatest takeaway from our talk was that I must get 30-minutes of exercise each day.

I was under the impression that once I stopped working I would immediately switch my focus onto health- eating right, exercise, meditation, yoga, etc…  That’s not been the case.  Each day I have the best intentions to do these things, yet getting my bag of bones out of the bed is a struggle.

Clearly, my body must need the sleep.  So, I’m going to give it to myself.  I AM also going to make sure I get in that 30-minutes of exercise each day.  Exercise is the only way to build more strength and I want it so badly.

Yesterday I went on a bit of a jog.  More like a trot.  It felt great.  Up until my iPod music  went soft enough and I could hear my breathing.  The wheezing was so loud it scared me.  I immediately stopped my trot and walked towards home.   I was worried something bad would happen to me and I would get stuck.  Today, I think I’ll go back to walking.

I’m not sure if my breathing will ever go back to “normal”.  I can accept the new curly hair but I don’t want to accept wheezing.

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I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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1 Response to So far, So sleepy

  1. Diane Fink says:

    G-morning Kim !
    just read “your sleepy” comment. My sister is fighting cancer since 2008. I hear some of the same statements from you I have heard her make. The feeling sleepy, 1 of them. You are right, you need to “listen” and pay attention to your body telling you things. Your determination is great, keeping a good attitude, think positive, read positive articles, keep the faith. The other day I said one day at a time. You know that is all we are promised. Don’t worry what happened yesterday, don’t think and be distracted what tomorrow might/will bring, Today is Here, Enjoy, Embrace, be Thankful. Now this sounds easy, But I have to tell myself that every morning, “I’m a slow learner”, HA !!
    My sister’s hair came back curly, now straight again. Walking sounds great. Later !
    Sending Love from Charlotte, NC
    Diane Fink

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