What a week….

Thank you everyone who participated in my last post. I really appreciate all the comments and emails that addressed my questions. I’m happy to hear that not only do most of the people around me think about these questions, you have solid answers to them too. Family and friends, people in general, were at the top of everyone’s list.

I am still working out the details to my answers. I had them down pre-cancer, but when you’re roaming around with a terminal illness things change.

The week was a good one for me. My goal for the week was to have some fun. Mission accomplished!

Monday, after work, SW and I did some urban hiking. We wound up hiking by a new restaurant, Mextiza, in our hood. It was decided that we would go in and enjoy some dinner since we were both pretty hungry and we knew the cupboards at home were pretty empty. (Remember…my focus is fun not grocery shopping!) The food was delish! We will for certain be going back but it won’t become one of our regular haunts because it’s a little bit spendy for my pocketbook.

Tuesday night I attended a Young Cancer Survivor group meeting for the first time. I was OLD! It felt nice. I was hoping to connect with another thirty something who is living with cancer. I was not lucky enough to find what I was looking for but I will continue to go back in hopes to find one. It was a good use of my time to connect with others who had been diagnosed with cancer at a young age. The groups age restriction is 21-39. The biggest general concern in the group was “when will the cancer return?” Chances are good, statistically speaking, that they will have cancer again. (Very sad.) Many moons ago my doctors warned me that if the cancer went away it would likely return because I was so young. Hopefully, them being “in the system” will lead to early detection when treatment is possible.

Later in the week I continued my search to find a thirty something living with cancer. Once again, I came up empty handed.  I did find a blog, maintained by a woman with lung cancer, that I’m becoming quite obsessed with. Her story is similar to mine, except she is a far superior writer, therefore, much more fun to read. I’d like to share this post with you.  I’m calling Linnea my new one-way friend…all she does is give and it is great.  She WAS on my drug, Crizotinib during the trial stage, for 3 years before her cancer mutated against the treatment.  She is now involved in another trial.  Her story is one that I’d like mine to follow.  She’s still living with NSCLC (non small cell lung cancer)…that’s H U G E!

Saturday I had a crafty afternoon with some girlfriends.  We deconstructed some light bulbs and turned them into terrariums.  It was fun even though it was quite terrifying at times to bust up the light bulbs.  If you want to try them yourself click this.  In a few weeks we’re going to have Terrarium Building Part 2 if anyone is interested.

When I’m not constantly worried about cancer life is actually quite fun.  I’m giving it a good college try to get my cancer worries under control but it takes a tremendous amount of effort all day long.

The search for a thirty something living wtih cancer continues…

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I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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