Results Update 2/17

Today I had an apt with Dr L to go over my last friday pet/ct scan.

I’d like to remind you that pet/ct scans show hyperactivity. Hyperactivity is usually cancer but not always. This is why I’ve always had a biopsy to confirm that the hyperactivity is cancer (left lung and right adrenal), and the same kind of cancer (lung).

I learned…
The adrenal gland is not showing any hyperactivity. (Last scan showed activity.)
The lung is showing some hyperactive cells in the area that was previously radiated (like the last scan). However, this could be a false positive because of my chest cold I’ve had for the last 4 weeks. All the coughing could be showing up as hyperactivity in my already weak upper left lung.

What this means…
My drugs are working the way they are intended to. They will not rid my body of cancer but they will bring my active cancer cells to the death phase.

I’m much happier about the revised results. It pays to have a face to face meeting with Dr L to go over them.

About kimmywink

I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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