It’s what’s in your insides that counts!

I made my first fresh veggie juice this am.  It tasted pretty funky but it is something I can get used to knowing how good it is for me.  The ingredients: lemon, ginger, kale, wheatgrass, carrots, beets, and apple.  SW was on board for trying it out too…that helped it go down much better.
I am going to give this anti-cancer diet a go.  What do I have to loose?
Many of you mentioned that moderation was key.  I do agree with that but my moderation is going to be using apple cider vinegar on my salad.  I need to cut out processed foods, milk, and sugar yesterday.  A few items on my “try to reduce list” are breads, pasta, and meats.  It sounds like I am going overboard, I know, but when you compare any reasonable diet to the Standard American Diet (SAD) it looks extreme.
We, for the most part, eat poorly.  The sad thing about the SAD thing is that a lot of the time the option to eat good food is taken away from us simply because good for you food hardly exists.  For example you decide to eat healthy, a chicken breast and a salad for dinner.  You eat a meat portion the size of a deck of cards (that is all the meat you need in one day) and you have 3/4 of a plate of salad (those are the right proportions!).  The bad part is the meat is likely hormone infested and the 1 tbs of pre-bottled dressing on your salad is full of sugar & bad fats.  The greens are also covered in icky chemicals that you would not feed to a pet.
The chicken breast and salad sounded so good and healthy compared to a burger and fries but it truly is not.  To make this truly healthy you would need to source high quality hormone free chicken, and organic greens topped with homemade olive oil based dressing (light on the vinegar it’s very acidic).
I’ve always ate what I thought were healthy foods but really, they weren’t.  Now I am trying to truly eat good for my body food.  I suggest to each of you that you try this also….or just be aware of what your eating.
I read an interesting article in Cure magazine last week.  I found a quote that read something like this…
“The interesting thing is not how many young adults are getting diagnosed with cancer; it’s how many aren’t.”
Basically, as humans, we are contaminating our food and environment which is killing us slowly by giving us things like cancer.
Many people look at me strangely when they find out that I have lung cancer.  My favorite is when people ask if I smoke.  It reminds me how much that I love marketing.  Smoking causes cancer,  I’m glad we all know that.  BUT what marketing does not tell us is that smoking after 30 years causes cancer.   Wonder if some of those marketing dollars were spent on sending the message that breathing the air around you for 30 years also causes cancer.  Sure the numbers are not so high but from what I read in Cure this trend is changing.
Even though I already have cancer I find this fact scary.  It tells me that my friends, family, loved ones, etc. are one day going to be diagnosed with cancer.  It has disrupted my life entirely and now it is going to do the same thing to someone I care about.  Cancer sucks.

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I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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  1. Melanie says:

    funny, it’s exactly what I had for dinner.

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