It was my birthday

I got one year older over the weekend. My body feels more than a year older than it was last year at this time. I attribute it all to the cancer. I’ve had such big things happen over the last 10 months I can’t even remember what I did last year on my birthday. (Sorry SW if you planned something big!)

This year it was quite memorable. We spent the weekend at Cannon Beach, a sleepy Oregon Coast town. Here are some photo’s if your interested in looking at them. The weekend was filled with naps, delicious food, tears, walks on the beach, and champagne. (Thank you Nina!)

Sunday afternoon, back in Portland, we had a nice afternoon visit with my mother.  Then it was naptime.

We had plans to go visit with our friends Josh & Julie on Sunday early evening.  I thought we were going to be climbing in their garage so I dressed in my rugged clothes.  When we arrived I was surprised to see nearly all of my dear friends were shoved in the J’s garage; all were there to wish me a happy birthday!!  Lucky me!!  Climbing was cancelled and dinner with dessert was on the agenda instead.  It was a great surprise birthday party!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by, called, emailed, sent cards, particpated in the surprise party, etc….you all helped to make my birthday special.  It was a rough day emotionally…having cancer and turning 35 is pretty depressing.  All the kind gestures made me feel oh-so-loved and made the weekend that much better.  Thank you all again for your continuous support and love.

About kimmywink

I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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