Winter has Arrived

Winter is finally here in Portland.  We’ve had wet weather for a week straight with no signs of it stopping.  It’s a great time to find a book to read. 

The other day I ordered a handful of books by author Kris Carr, a cancer survivor.  (Thank you Mary Ellen!)  I just love the first book I started reading that is titled Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips.  She’s got some strange thoughts on an anticancer diet but for the most part I love all the other stuff she talks about.

A quote that really hits the nail on the head…
“As women with cancer we live every day with an indescribable weight on our shoulders.  We tiptoe on the razor edge of mortality, one hand touching the heavens, the other grabbing the earth.  We juggle dying with living wile paying the bills, doing the grocery shopping, changing the oil, fixing that damn leaky pipe that warped the new floors, and coping with the boss from hell to whom we refuse to reveal any signs of cancer weakness.”

My last apt with Dr L went OK.  I got checked out by a different person since Dr L was on-call working the cancer ward at the hospital.  I found out that my liver is getting worked a bit hard so it’s time to slow down the drinking.  Sad.  It’s better than getting taken off my meds though; which is what will happen next time if it’s still running too hot.

My pet scan is scheduled for Feb 10th at 8:00.  Please send the good thoughts my way just before 9:00 when I’ll be entering the scanner!  I’m shooting for another no cancer growth scan.

About kimmywink

I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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