Another Week Passes

Today is a good day. A few days ago I decided that I am going to be happy despite the gloomy situation I find myself in. I know I’m not going to be happy all the time and I can accept that. But constant sadness was getting old.

Things turned up for me starting last Saturday. I was invited to be a judge for a beard growing contest that took place at work. About 15 men were in the contest competing in the categories length, color, fullness, style, and 7-day growth. After two months of growth a group of very hairy men met at a local pub to determine the finalists. I was the only judge who made it to the pub so I got to select the best in show out of the 5 finalists. It was a blast! Not only for the contestants but for the rest of us who showed up to cast our votes for the finalists.

The contest was actually a 2-month fundraiser. The guys collected funds and were going to donate them to a charity. I ended up being the charity…specifically they wanted to pay for my alternative care that I’ve been receiving at Immune Enhancement Project (acupuncture, shiatsu massage, & naturopath). The bearded brotherhood ended up raising $700!!!!! Yes….No joke! Once again, I am amazed by the generousity of my coworkers. 

After getting the lump sum I was happy to phone my mom to share the good news with her. She can now keep the $150 each month that she’s been using to pay for my clinic appointments. Thank you mom for making it happen until now. 🙂

Many of you have given gifts ranging from cold hard cash to canned apple sauce. Thank you for it all! Every little bit of love puts a smile on my face.  And honestly, funds have been tight for SW and I…it’s been nice to have a way to get a coffee when we are out and about or come home after a long day and having a well balanced meal waiting in the cooler.  Thank you all for making it happen.  

If your interested in seeing the photos of the hairy men they are here.  

My next Dr L apt is on Monday.  I may get the date for my next scan…who knows though.  It should take place around my bday.  I know what I’m wishing for this year!  (Another year!)

About kimmywink

I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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