Hello Friends

It’s been a long while since an update and quite honestly a lot has been going on but NOT on the cancer front for a change.

I’ve been living what I’m calling my new normal life. It’s a combination of things I did before my cancer diagnosis, stuff my changed body allows me to do, and living like tomorrow may never come. My new normal is fun, exciting, scary, sad, and filled with love like never before. It’s proof that I’ve made some good out of the cancer hell I’m in.

Thanksgiving was a wonderful day spent with friends and family. SW and I were especially pleased with the decision to order a complete turkey dinner from Huber’s. This made the day nearly stress free- things went a little wonky when the cat jumped into Alison’s gluten free pumpkin pie. I do need to tell other Portlanders that the Huber’s stuffing was not amazing; keep that in mind if you order from there next year. Thankfully my mom brought over one of of the dishes she nails each time- stuffing. The dinner was a success mostly because I was actually able to swallow everything. Yay for that!

The Sunday after Turkey Day a handful of SW’s amazing friends/coworkers came over to put up Christmas lights on our house. This being the first Christmas in our house we are thrilled to have beautiful white lights up- that go on and off automatically too! (Thank you Missy, Larry, Nina, & Meghan)

Last week was a fun one entertaining Ray (SW’s father) and Tina. They got a good idea of what life is like for SW and I. We did some home organizing projects, walked, went to appointments, and ate amazing food. (Pizza Fino cheesecake stole the show once again.)

During the visit they were also able to enjoy the work of an angel. (Thank you Lisa!) While we were out playing one day we were welcomed home by a beautiful yard that had been magically cut and rid of all its leaves. Another one of the fabulous things that happens to me!

This week I’m getting things prepared for me to return to work. (I’m glad a few of you are happy I’ll be back after 7 months off!) I have several documents that need to get completed, signed, and sent in to the powers that be. If all goes as planned I will be at work on January 3rd. I’ll work 2 weeks at 20 hours and 2 weeks at 30 hours. Full time will begin on week 5.

The decision to go back to work seemed to be a no brainer YES. But I’m actually having a hard time accepting this decision. I’m nervous that like many of the things I used to do, I won’t be able to function at the level I used to. Many tears have been shed over this topic in general. It is horrible to be the same but different.

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I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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