The Incredible Shrinking Cancer

Yes, the cancer is shrinking in the lung and I am pretty sure the adrenal gland!

I got an email from my doctor who cut/paste the radiology report from my pet scan. It’s in doctor talk but from the title of the email “good news for a change” and his upbeat body I’m interpreting all good news for both infected spots.

On average 65% of people with the ALK mutation are responsive to the medication, Crizotinib, I’m on. Again, I’m pleased to be part of the even more select group.

I’ll add more details when I get them at my Monday apt.

Points to Dr L for sending me an email yesterday (even thought I read it today) with the results! It just reiterates that he really does care about me. It is important to him to get information to me as quickly as possible.

My weekend is now going to kick ass!

Please, keep the good thoughts, however you wish to send them, rolling my way because clearly it’s working! Thank you all for your help in this battle.

About kimmywink

I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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