Sunday I went….

…bouldering for the first time since June 5th! Some of you may remember one of my first posts almost exactly 5 months ago about climbing before treatment began. Well, I’m a climber once again! It felt good to climb but the true satisfaction came from spending time with my friends at the NEW 15th Ave Bouldering Gym (Josh & Julie’s garage).

Over the last few months I’ve learned that my old view on exercise and working out was really quite…I don’t know…just off. I spent so much time exercising to be “healthy” and I still managed to get cancer. I wish now I would have not spent so much time on the personal fitness goals and spent much time exercising with my friends even if they wanted to run a smidge slower or climb a boulder problem that was much harder than I wanted to do. Again, some ICC (incurable cancer clarity) I’ve picked up along the way.

Soon….a post about, once again, how fantastic my coworkers are! Stay tuned…

About kimmywink

I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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