I’m back on chemo! Hip-hip-horray! (I suppose…)

It’s a good thing to be attacking the cancer cells again but being “chemofied” does have drawbacks. I’m hoping this time around the Crizotinib won’t turn me quite so upside down but I’m ready & willing if that is the case. I’m starting with only one pill a day for the first 4-days; on day 5 I’ll move up back to two a day. (Today 10/25 is day 2.)

The weekend was a significant one for receiving love from our friends!

Saturday SW and I went to the very enjoyable Blue Man show with our friend Alison. While we were away a few of SW’s coworkers came over to clean up our shaggy yard. Thank you Lisa, Cathy, Ted, and Andrew for all your hard work!

Sunday SW and I had a visit from my coworkers who cleaned up the entire inside of our house AND planted beautiful purple flowers in the front yard. It was a treat to see my friends- many of of them I’ve not had face to face time with since May 27th. Thank you Dawn, Alicia, Colleen, Ayda, Patty, Barb, and Tammy!

To make Monday wonderful too our friend Julie brought over an AMAZING dessert- pumpkin bread pudding with caramel sauce. It was fab-U-lous! …and I’m not just saying that because I could actually eat it. Thank you Julie!

As far as the eating goes I’m eating more and more each day. Thankfully! I’m still choosing to eat soft foods like soup and mac & cheese just to be safe. Things I’m looking forward to trying later this week- cool beverages (cool, cold is still too harsh!) and meat.

I have a busy week ahead of me filled with acupuncture, foot massage + pedicure, appointment with a lung cancer specialist, breathing exercises, walking, getting adjusted to chemo, and petting our cats.

About kimmywink

I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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